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What does it cost to create a design project?

Updated: Jun 17

Spatial zoning is the thing to start with. It is important to understand the best furniture layout, consider the optimal and comfort distances for various activities inside the room, and in addition, to examine the existing plumbing and adjust the new sanitary fitments accordingly.

Later on, accommodate the furniture heights according to the client’s comfort use. Especially, to find the comfort height of the countertop and wall-mounted cabinetry.

Upon the zoning and volumetric compositions are done, we start with basic color palette, textures, material, and furniture selection. In this step, the key issue of the interior design is to define the primary and secondary and to align the objects hierarchy accordingly.

Lighting is another chapter in the design process, which considers multiple scenarios and modes of the illumination. It is important to provide the various illumination schemes, from bright to intimate. In the end, this is the key of the depth and richness of the space.

The next step is the kind of detailed layer over the general canvas composition. The detailing of the wall, ceiling and floor surfaces. At this stage is important to articulate and visually join the surface and aesthetically resolve the lighting and AC accessories.

All these is the general steps of the interior design process, which unavoidably conducted by unexpected issues, variations and changes along the course.

Our mission is by applying professional skills and experience, to elaborate every step and to arrive to a complex and individualized living solution for the client.

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